Dragonsource Digital Media Group is a leading content and media distributor in China, with an integrated business model encompassing digital rights management, digital publishing, individual and enterprise reading services. DDM distributes ebooks, magazine content, new media content and video through consumer mobile apps, library enterprise solutions and telecom partners, invests in and produces digital content in a variety of genres, owns and operates 8 division and subsidiaries and manages over 90% of magazine publisher content.


DDM distributes reading services integrated with the newest technologies, while joint distribution agreements with state-owned China Unicom, China Mobile and China telecom further expand the Company’s user reach. In 2015, DDM distributes copyright content to 14 different countries, with its overseas operations based in Toronto and Hong Kong. DDM is well positioned to take advantage of the increasing popularity of Chinese content need abroad through its reputation for developing quality reading and multimedia content and strong relationships with distributors in markets including Taiwan, Japan and Southeast Asia. DDM has also expanded into public service and education distribution channels, including mobile education, public libraries and national reading initiatives.
In addition to its digital content and reading operations, DDM owns and operates nearly 15 digital media brands in various categories in China. Our brands are affiliated with leading publishers in China and provide our audiences with digital first content, drawing high traffic and making our brands attractive for advertisers. Using the “DDM” name across our various operations, products has helped us build a well-known brand that we believe is synonymous with high quality quality and copyright solidity in China.